Playlist for Saturday 22nd Jul 2017

The Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music – Music for Grown Ups
with Don Chisholm  Sat 22nd Jul – 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Time Track Artist Album
9:00 pm Stan Intro Stanley Unwin 0:04
9:00 pm Keep Your Hands To Yourself The Georgia Satellites 3:28 Let It Rock: Best Of The Georgia Satellites
9:04 pm Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music Tom Gray (Delta Moon) 0:07 KCR Show ID
9:04 pm Everything Now Arcade Fire 5:03 Everything Now
9:10 pm Blue Joni Mitchell 3:05 Blue
9:13 pm In Car, Shed, Bath, Bed Listen To KCR 107.7 Insert MikeO 0:05 KCR Insert
9:13 pm Up Ahead Ed Dupas 2:53 Tennessee Night
9:17 pm Under The Midnight Sun Karen Lovely 3:39 Fish Outta Water
9:20 pm Instinctively Wrong (remix) Jimmy Reiter & MiXendorp 4:40 Single (Black & Tan) 2017
9:27 pm I Gotta Praise Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott 2:37 Crooked Calypso
9:30 pm Speyfest 2017 Preview John’s Jaunt Trail JohnC 0:29 KCR Trail
9:30 pm Banffshire Herald Sponsor 0:06 KCR Sponsor
9:31 pm KCR 107.7 FM Liner V2 Insert Jaqui Millar 0:08 KCR Insert
9:31 pm Don’t Know What Came Over Me Mike + The Mechanics 4:17 Let Me Fly
9:37 pm I Could Fall For You Dean Friedman 4:34 12 Songs
9:41 pm I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You Tom Waits 3:53 Closing Time
9:47 pm Sideways Rain Steve Mayone 3:54 Sideways Rain
9:51 pm Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music ID Jim Gustin 0:07 KCR Show ID
9:51 pm Carey Joni Mitchell 3:03 Blue
9:56 pm Lucky Scott Fab 3:43 Leave My Friends
10:02 pm Barracuda Heart 4:22 Little Queen
10:06 pm Music For Grown Ups Bobby Messano 0:10 Show ID
10:06 pm The Man The Killers 4:06 Single 2017
10:12 pm The Man Comes Around Johnny Cash 4:28 American IV: The Man Comes Around
10:16 pm Fixin’ To Die Steve Earle & The Dukes 3:48 So You Wanna Be An Outlaw
10:21 pm River Joni Mitchell 4:05 Blue
10:25 pm Speyfest 2017 Preview Lewis Wiles Trail JohnC 0:20 KCR Trail
10:25 pm Listening To Rock, Roots & Acoustic V2 Insert Jacqui Millar 0:08 KCR Insert
10:25 pm I’ve Come For You David Starr 3:32 The Head And Heart
10:30 pm Woo Sé Mama Paul Weller 3:41 A Kind Revolution
10:34 pm KCR Grown Up Radio Insert MikeO 0:04 KCR Insert
10:34 pm The Road Ahead Chris Rea 3:21 Road Songs For Lovers
10:39 pm Shy Danielle Morgan 4:05 Single 2017
10:43 pm Hey Muse! The Suburbs 3:52 Hey Muse!
10:49 pm This Flight Tonight Joni Mitchell 2:52 Blue
10:51 pm Northern Scot {2015_04_19} Sponsor 0:09 KCR Sponsor
10:52 pm KCR Moray’s Community Radio Insert PaulT 0:05 KCR Insert
10:52 pm Givers & Takers Dave Arcari 3:01 Live At Memorial Hall
10:55 pm The Stumble John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers 2:50 A Hard Road
10:57 pm As You Are Rag’n’Bone Man 3:43 Human

The show is broadcast every Saturday evening on KCR 107.7 FM and online at featuring rock, roots & acoustic music.


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