Playlist for Saturday 23rd Sep 2017

The Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music – Music for Grown Ups
with Don Chisholm  Sat 23rd Sep – 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Time Track Artist Album
9:00 pm Stan Intro Stanley Unwin 0:04
9:00 pm Rockin’ In The Free World Neil Young 4:41 Freedom
9:05 pm Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music Tom Gray (Delta Moon) 0:07 KCR Show ID
9:05 pm The May Queen Robert Plant 3:12 Carry Fire
9:10 pm She Used To Love Me A Lot Johnny Cash 3:10 Out Among The Stars
9:13 pm KCR 107.7 FM Liner V2 Insert Jaqui Millar 0:08 KCR Insert
9:14 pm Like A Fool Big Sadie 2:49 Keep Me Waiting
9:18 pm Oh Woman Oh Man London Grammar 4:33 Truth Is A Beautiful Thing {Deluxe}
9:23 pm Mary’s Prayer Danny Wilson 3:54 Meet Danny Wilson
9:28 pm All In One Night Stereophonics 4:38 Scream Above The Sounds
9:33 pm Northern Scot {2015_04_19} Sponsor 0:09 KCR Sponsor
9:33 pm KCR Moray’s Community Radio Insert PaulT 0:05 KCR Insert
9:33 pm Infirmary Buford Pope 3:49 Blue Eyed Boy
9:38 pm I Came To Believe Johnny Cash 3:29 Out Among The Stars
9:42 pm I’m Movin’ On {feat Waylon Jennings} Johnny Cash 3:09 Out Among The Stars
9:46 pm I Won’t Cry Janiva Magness 3:51 Stronger For It
9:50 pm BRRAM-DC-KCR {Sax} Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers 0:18 Show ID
9:50 pm County Prison Blues Tom MacLear 3:17 Gods & Ghosts
9:55 pm Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes On You) Robert Plant 4:09 Manic Nirvana
9:59 pm Forty Days Ronnie Hawkins & The Hawks 2:17 Single (Roulette) 1959
10:03 pm Cracking Up Nick Lowe 2:58 Labour Of Lust
10:05 pm Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music ID Jim Gustin 0:07 KCR Show ID
10:06 pm Doom Or Destiny {feat Joan Jett} Blondie 2:53 Pollinator
10:10 pm If I Told You Who It Was Johnny Cash 3:05 Out Among The Stars
10:13 pm In Car, Shed, Bath, Bed Listen To KCR 107.7 Insert MikeO 0:05 KCR Insert
10:13 pm Rock And Roll Shoes Johnny Cash 2:41 Out Among The Stars
10:17 pm Woman Of Constant Sorrow Ciara Sidine 3:54 Unbroken Line
10:21 pm BRRAM-DC-KCR {Full} Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers 0:23 Show ID
10:21 pm Pretty Good For A Girl {feat Joe Bonamassa} Mindi Abair And The Boneshakers 7:06 The EastWest Sessions
10:32 pm Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed Shania Twain 3:30 Now
10:36 pm Banffshire Herald Sponsor 0:06 KCR Sponsor
10:36 pm Listening To Rock, Roots & Acoustic V2 Insert Jacqui Millar 0:08 KCR Insert
10:36 pm Devil The Wandering Hearts 3:38 Wild Silence
10:40 pm Bron-Y-Aur Stomp Led Zeppelin 4:16 Led Zeppelin III
10:45 pm Stab At Matter Bruce Cockburn 3:44 Bone On Bone
10:49 pm Nothing Ever Happens Del Amitri 3:51 Single (A&M) 1989
10:53 pm The Mike Ogg Show V6 Sept 2017 Trail MikeO 0:32 KCR Trail
10:53 pm Everything {feat Wildwood Kin} Seth Lakeman 2:21 Ballads Of The Broken Few (Deluxe)
10:56 pm I Can Only Imagine MercyMe 4:07 Almost There

The show is broadcast every Saturday evening on KCR 107.7 FM and online at featuring rock, roots & acoustic music.


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