Playlist for Saturday 7th Oct 2017

The Best of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music – Music for Grown Ups
with Don Chisholm  Sat 7th Oct – 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Time Track Artist Album
9:02 pm Stan Intro Stanley Unwin 0:04
9:02 pm Turn Around And Go DownTown Mystic 3:29 Rock ‘N’ Roll Romantic
9:06 pm Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music Tom Gray (Delta Moon) 0:07 KCR Show ID
9:06 pm Devil The Wandering Hearts 3:38 Wild Silence
9:10 pm There’s A Storm Coming Kimmie Rhodes 3:07 Walls Fall Down
9:13 pm In Car, Shed, Bath, Bed Listen To KCR 107.7 Insert MikeO 0:05 KCR Insert
9:14 pm Shelter From The Storm Bob Dylan 5:00 Blood On The Tracks
9:20 pm She’s Like The Wind {feat Wendy Fraser} Patrick Swayze 3:51 Single (RCA) 1987
9:24 pm Just Another Day Jon Secada 4:20 Single (SBK) 1992
9:29 pm You Won’t Love Me Betsy 3:09 Betsy
9:32 pm Northern Scot {2015_04_19} Sponsor 0:09 KCR Sponsor
9:33 pm KCR Moray’s Community Radio Insert PaulT 0:05 KCR Insert
9:33 pm Ready For The Storm Dougie MacLean 3:46 The Essential
9:38 pm The Storm Liz Meyer 5:43 The Storm
9:44 pm Something Blue Oct 2017 Trail DavidS 1:03 KCR Trail
9:45 pm Eye Of The Storm {feat GabeReal} {Radio Edit} Ryan Stevenson 3:23 Fresh Start
9:50 pm Stay Beulah 4:03 Mabel And I
9:54 pm BRRAM-DC-KCR {Sax} Mindi Abair & The Boneshakers 0:18 Show ID
9:55 pm Here She Comes Again Chris Hillman 2:31 Bidin’ My Time
9:59 pm After The Storm The Flatlanders 3:52 Hills And Valleys
10:03 pm A Walk In The Park Nick Straker Band 3:48 Single (Pinnacle) 1980
10:06 pm KCR 107.7 FM Liner V2 Insert Jaqui Millar 0:08 KCR Insert
10:06 pm Doom Or Destiny {feat Joan Jett} Blondie 2:53 Pollinator
10:11 pm Born In A Storm-Raintown Deacon Blue 5:46 Raintown
10:16 pm The Mike Ogg Show V6 Sept 2017 Trail MikeO 0:32 KCR Trail
10:17 pm Storms Never Last Allison Moorer 4:33 The Definitive Collection
10:22 pm Don’t You Think It’s Come Our Time {feat June Carter Cash} Johnny Cash 2:17 Out Among The Stars
10:24 pm Best Of Rock, Roots & Acoustic Music ID Jim Gustin 0:07 KCR Show ID
10:24 pm Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed Shania Twain 3:30 Now
10:28 pm Riders On The Storm The Doors 7:03 L A Woman
10:35 pm Banffshire Herald Sponsor 0:06 KCR Sponsor
10:35 pm Listening To Rock, Roots & Acoustic V2 Insert Jacqui Millar 0:08 KCR Insert
10:36 pm Walking At Midnight Honeyblood 3:40 Babes Never Die
10:39 pm Storm In My Soul Gallagher & Lyle 2:27 Breakaway
10:42 pm KCR Grown Up Radio Insert MikeO 0:04 KCR Insert
10:42 pm There’s A Rainbow (At The End Of Every Storm) Marty Stuart 2:59 Souls’ Chapel
10:45 pm Maxine Raf Ravenscroft 4:40 Single 1983
10:50 pm Nighttime Music Aug 2017 #1 Trail BobY 0:19 KCR Trail
10:50 pm Blue On Black Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band 5:30 Trouble Is…
10:56 pm The Last DJ Tom Petty 3:29 The Last DJ

The show is broadcast every Saturday evening on KCR 107.7 FM and online at featuring rock, roots & acoustic music.


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